Network Management System (NMS)

Why Should NMS Training At Kursus IT?

The material presented uses applications that are widely used to monitor industrial networks

In addition to getting material about NMS, participants will also get additional material about linux which of course will be very useful at work

A special laptop is provided for NMS learning needs which require relatively high specifications

CHEAPEST Training Fees

Participants will receive training modules and also some supporting software

Participants will join the Kursus IT community so they can freely ask questions if there are difficulties in understanding the Network Management System material


Introduction To Training

Monitoring the network is a very important thing to do. By monitoring the network, we can evaluate the network condition. Is the network working properly or does it still need improvement in several ways.

For that, Kursus IT helps Network Engineers to improve their skills so that they are able to build a system for monitoring the network.



Participants will be able to build a system for network monitoring

Participants can operate several types of software for network monitoring

Participants are able to analyze and evaluate the network from the results obtained from the monitoring system

Participants are able to perform  basic maintenance  if there are problems on the network that are known from the monitoring system



An understanding of networking fundamentals

An understanding of basic Linux servers

An awareness and understanding of security best practices

Basic knowledge of server hardware

Experience working with, and configure linux and windows server



Introduction Pandora FMS

Deploy network monitoring system using Pandora FMS

Installation and configuring Pandora FMS

Deploy network monitoring system using Cacti

Deploy network monitoring system using Cisco Prime

Deploy network monitoring system using WhatUp Gold

Installation and configuring The Dude Network Monitoring

Deploy user management access using Elektron Radius Server

Deply user management access using DaloRadius Server

IP Address management using OpUtils IP Address Manager

IP Address Management using Solarwinds IPAM

IP Address Management using phpIPAM

Auto Backup Configuration using Kron

Auto Backup Configuration using Kiwi Cat Tools

Netflow analyzer

Network Management System (NMS)

RM1,200.00 Ex Tax: RM1,200.00

Network Management System (NMS)..

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